Optimal organisation of your texts

You have detailed documentation pertaining to a range of business activities. But are you using your content to the best advantage?

Content accumulation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine all of this information to create a coherent and consistent presentation of your business? I can pare down your existing business documentation to the essentials, integrating all of the separate strands into an attractive, cohesive package.

 clear and formulation
 consistency in distinctive
 better thanks to better readability
 web texts that are easy to
  on keywords
 length and structure optimized for online reading
 excellent Google indexing thanks to content


From idea to ideal content in three easy steps! I write a draft text based on your existing text and your requirements. In two further rounds of editing, I adjust the text in consultation with you.

1. Draft version

  • Once you place your project with me, you send your source texts to me together with your preferences regarding style, tone and length. It should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire I use for this step.
  • I examine your existing texts, identify their essential elements and use these as the foundation for a coherent whole.
  • You receive a draft revision written according to your preferences.
2. Preliminary version
  • You evaluate the draft text and supply feedback using a multiple-choice form.
  • I revise your text on the basis of this feedback and deliver a preliminary version.
3. Final version
  • Working from the preliminary text, you communicate the final changes you want.
  • I fine-tune the text on the basis of your feedback, attending to the last details.
  • You receive the final version of your text.